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Yeng is the Winner!

pinoy dream academy site hawak kamayJust as the show promised 4 months ago, a dream was fulfilled last night. And, it's Yeng's. She garnered 37% of the votes to beat 5 other co-scholars.

Jay-R got the 2nd place with 32% and Ronnie have 27%.
Bright future lies ahead of Yeng. Sa loob pa lang ng Pinoy Dream Academy, hitmaker na with her song "Hawak-Kamay." Good luck to her! Just like what Lea Salonga said, the real job begins after winning the PDA. It's really easy to be famous, but staying there will be difficult.
pinoy dream academy yeng constantino

Good Luck to you Yeng. Wag lalaki ang ulo. Always follow your instincts. I hope you'd make the right decisions.

By: dr1van | Sunday, December 17, 2006 at 2:14 PM |. Comment na! |

Honor List of Six

Finally, after about 4 months, the Honor List of Six has been named. They are, in no particular order, Jay-R, Chad, Yeng, Ronnie, Panky, and Irish.

Unfortunately, the crooner of Baguio, Yvan, and the Jukebox Queen Rosita of Dubai, got the lowest votes from the texter.

On the Grand Dream Night this Saturday in Araneta Coliseum, these six will compete for the Grand Star Scholar and fulfill her/his dreams. A singing contract, a Belgian Waffle franchise, and condo unit are just some of the stuffs he/she will go home with.

You can dictate their fates. Vote Now. Click the "How to Vote" Button above. O sa mga gustong bumuto ng maramihan, Digital Martian Vote Cards are the way to go.

By: dr1van | Sunday, December 10, 2006 at 8:02 AM |. Comment na! |

Who are your Top Six?

That would be the Question of the Week. For there will be no probationary night tonight. No four scholars nominated for expulsion will be revealed. But, we have the 8 remaining scholars to choose from. For the next Saturday night, 2 scholars from among the Dean's List of 8 will be expelled in preparation for the Big Night on December 16 - the night when the top 6 will compete in Araneta.

So who among Chad, Irish, Jay-R, Panky, Ronnie, Rosita, Yeng and Yvan are your top 6 scholars? Vote now. Click the "How to Vote" button above. Or if you want multiple voting and if you're abroad, try Digital Martian or Load.com.ph.

voting pinoy dream academy
Me? I'm rooting for Panky, Jay-R, Yeng, Chad, Ronnie and Yvan.

By: dr1van | Sunday, December 03, 2006 at 12:28 AM |. Comment na! |

Yeng's Ang Awitin

I'll set the record straight. I don't like Yeng. There are couple of things to hate about her. (OA sa camera, pa-cute, masyadong pa-baby). Pero, she composes good songs. Hawak-Kamay is sooo good.

But, this song? This Ang Awitin? This song, Ang Awitin? (Yeah, it's redundant.) Ok, it's good. It got 53% of the votes. But, if you're gonna compare it with the other songs, it's less superior. Panky should've won. It's tastefully done. So, as Chad's. Mas maganda pa nga iyong kay Rosita.

Pero, siyempre, just like what I said before, that's how election in the Philippines goes. Popularity is the word! Guys, be objective enough when voting.

But, don't get me wrong. Yeng is a true musician. She is the epitome of the millions of hopefuls out there. Her popularity or "masa appeal" is a plus.

Kaya nga alam na natin kung sinong mananalo. I'll bet 100 pesos.

By: dr1van | Saturday, December 02, 2006 at 11:40 PM |. Comment na! |

Eman Expelled

pinoy dream academy siteTonight, Eman, the Ilonggo scholar, got the lowest texter's percentage vote of 21%, against Panky, Ronnie and Irish.

The guy, rock-wise, is very good. But as the competition progressed, one would notice that he's doing the same thing. Same moves. Same raspy voice. Same genre of music. No versatility. Would capture only a small portion of the audience. To make the prognosis worse for him, he can never compete with Irish and Ronnie in the looks department, which obviously was a plus for the latter two and that was shown in the expulsion night tonight.

But, Eman, I must say, is funny. Good Luck, Eman.

By: dr1van | at 11:26 PM |. Comment na! |